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Smith Hauling started in the late 1930s. Its original name was Claude Smith Trucking; Claude was the great grandfather of the current owner. In the early years, there was a small fleet of dump trucks in which Claude hauled everything from coal to peaches. When Claude’s boys, Quay and Bob, got out of the service in 1945, they returned home to work for their father. The two brothers expanded the business, focusing heavily on bringing coal out of the deep mines in our area.

In the early 1950s, Everett Moore Coal contracted them to haul his equipment. At that time, the company purchased its first tractor and trailer. They purchased another tractor and trailer, and soon thereafter, began moving larger equipment with the assistance of New Enterprise Stone
and Lime.


Our first crane was purchased in 1959, which led the company into a new realm of business. In the early 60s, we began moving our first draglines, which were on every hill in the area. We remained focused on the thriving Western PA coal business.

In 1967, the name Smith Hauling Inc. was adopted and brothers Quay & Bob Smith took ownership of the company. In addition to draglines, they were also moving larger pieces of equipment. There were only five companies at that time that dismantled and reassembled draglines - of those, only one other is still in business. Around 1977, Smith Hauling assembled the first Manitowoc 6400 ever made near Mahaffey, PA. Since that time, our company has put numerous draglines into operation.

In 1982, ownership of the company passed along to Quay’s son, Dick Smith, and Bob’s 2 sons, Doug and David Smith. In the early 80s, the company began to expand to cover more out-of-state areas, including Florida. By the late 80s, Dick Smith became the sole owner of Smith Hauling.

The business has continued to expand over the years. Our turn-key heavy hauling business has reached as far west as Idaho and Wyoming, south to Texas and Florida, and north to Michigan and Wisconsin. As of 2013, Dick’s son, Steve Smith, currently owns and operates Smith Hauling Inc. The same traditions and values from the early days of Smith Hauling continue to hold true today, as the company has passed from generation to generation.

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